www.randora.lk to provide Sri Lankans with economic information and education

7 ජන.

A Sinhala language website, randora.lk, providing the highest quality information on local and international markets, finance, economics and business news, is ready to cover a much-needed gap in information dissemination to the Sinhala speaking Sri Lankan citizenry under the banner ‘Economic Wisdom for Life’.

Its primary goal is to ensure that Sinhala speaking intelligential, students, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and the general public are provided with much-needed financial literacy through an inexpensive and highly-interactive web-based medium of instruction and discourse.

“The recent Ceylinco debacle, stock market crisis , the infamous sagas of Sakvithi Ranasinghe and Danduvam Mudalali, all sorts of pyramid schemes and general confusion about business ethics has clearly proved that a majority of Sri Lankans, regardless of their status or education, are relatively clueless about an aspect of life that is not only important but crucial for managing their affairs within a risk free engagement of the financial world,” said randora.lk Managing Editor Ishara Gamage.

He went on to point out the fact that unfortunately almost all such information that is currently available to the general public is in the English language and as such is not accessible to the majority of citizens of the country and that the new website is a thrust to even out the knowledge disparity that is created due to language barriers.
In order to provide the highest quality information, randora.lk has tied up with some of the foremost finance and business experts and personalities in the country to contribute articles, advice and information that is both highly relevant and highly qualitative.
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The site will contain market information, topical articles on business, finance and economics, and global economic news and market movement information, practical techniques and methods of engaging markets as well as an entire section dedicated to school education on economics creating a one-stop-shop for Sinhala speaking Sri Lanka to obtain all the information they want and ask all the questions they wish to ask to ensure that their contact with this aspect of life is both highly knowledgeable and highly informed.


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Randora.lk is a path breaking online information dissemination service that caters exclusively to the financial sector and provides critical information in the Sinhala language.


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